Indoor and Outdoor Curling in Alexandra

Welcome to Alexandra’s Iceinline Central – the ultimate destination for both indoor and outdoor curling enthusiasts.


Our facility offers a wide range of exciting opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels.

Inside our state-of-the-art venue, you’ll find two dedicated curling rinks, providing ample space for up to sixteen players to enjoy the game simultaneously. Additionally, we offer five outdoor rinks, allowing for an even greater curling experience.

Curling has a rich history in Central Otago, dating back to the 1860s. In fact, our region is one of the last places in the world where crampet style curling is still practiced. We take pride in preserving this traditional game while providing a modern setting for its enjoyment.

Our facility, opened in May 2021, is designed to accommodate players of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned curler or a beginner, there’s a place for you here. Families can bond and create lasting memories as they engage in friendly competition, from grandparents to grandchildren. Additionally, our venue is perfect for social work functions or challenging your friends for a fun-filled outing.

At Alexandra’s Iceinline Central, we use top-quality curling stones made by Kays of Scotland. These stones are crafted from Ailsa Craig granite, the same material used in the Olympics. We offer instruction in the hack style sliding delivery, allowing you to develop your skills and participate in national and international tournaments.

Come and experience the thrill of curling in our exceptional facility. Alexandra’s Iceinline Central is your gateway to an exciting world of curling adventures.

Watch the video for an intro to indoor curling

July School Holiday Activities Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

During the July school holidays, an Activities Programme is held where children can learn figure skating, hockey and curling skills. This is an ideal way to introduce your children to ice sports and is especially popular with grandparents who have grandchildren visiting for the holidays.

Hour-long session are run on the Tuesday and Thursday of both weeks, for the skating  skills and cost $25 per session. This covers the cost of admission, skate hire and tuition.

Curling skills are taught on Monday and Wednesday morning of each week, also at a cost of $25 per session.  Contact the rink for more details.

Inter Primary School Curling Tournament Friday 5th July : 9am – 3 pm

This event has proved a great success, involving school children from the different schools around the area, competing in a curling competition with small curling stones especially suited for younger players. This event becomes more popular each year as schools get more involved in curling and inter-school competition is quite fierce.

The rink is closed to the public from 9am – 3 pm during this event, and opens for the public from 3pm – 4.45 pm. Normal Friday night public session.

Curling Inter-club competitions Every Monday and Wednesday during May and June : All Day

Newcomers are most welcome to have a try.

The rink is closed to the public during this tournament.

Top curlers who've paid us a visit

A fantastic amenity for Central Otago

I was talked into a night game of curling at the Alexandra ice rink. What a great night. Lots of fun learning to curl ably coached by the local experts. I got hooked on it immediately. They have 5 curling houses set up on the largest outdoor rink in the southern hemisphere. The rink also caters for ice skating and hockey. The rink is Olympic sized for both of these sports. Being outdoors the rink is only open during the colder winter months of May to August.

Located on the main highway into Alexandra I highly recommend it for a stop over to have a go at curling, skating or hockey.